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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 9/16/15

Our Lady of Guadalupe is very important to the Church, especially in the Americas. She is the greatest evangelist to ever visit us here.

How many of us have relatives, close relatives, who have left the Church. They may have simply stopped going to church at some point in their lives, ... Read More »

Beautiful Easter Season

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 5/27/15

What a beautiful Easter Season I have had. I hope you have also. The liturgies of Holy Week I found quite moving. The Easter Vigil and Easter Morning Mass were glorious. The church was beautifully decorated. The choir did a great job - and I know they worked at ... Read More »


Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/27/15

I expressed my concern about the state of volunteering in our parish at the Masses April 19. What I shared at the time was my concern that in some cases people who had committed to volunteering for a task were simply not showing up thus placing an unreasonable burden ... Read More »

Saturday Mass Time Change?

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 3/20/15

The Question Posed

Recently, a proposal was brought to the Parish Pastoral Council to change our Saturday Mass from 5:00pm to 4:00pm. The Council seemed to be favorable to the change. However, I do want to get feedback from more people who attend that Mass. I have thought of ... Read More »

My Blog Begins

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 3/06/15

Thank you for visiting this blog.