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Pray for Vocations

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

Today is the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Praying for vocations is very important for every Catholic who loves the Church and his/her parish.

The numbers in seminaries is up. Our diocese is no exception. However, as priests die or retire there are still not enough to replace ... Read More »

The Prodigal Song

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

When I was first ordained I was assigned to  teach at Catholic Central High School (at which I would later become principal) and  to live at Holy Rosary Church (of which I would later become pastor).

The kids introduced me to a song that had been written, performed and ... Read More »

The Feast of Feasts

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

I love the Easter Vigil. I know it is longer than the typical Mass, but is there really   anything more important that we could be doing on the eve of Easter?

When I think of this night I often think of ancient Jerusalem and soldiers atop the city walls ... Read More »

Lent: Begin All Over

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

We are a little more than half way through Lent. This is a good time to review our experience of Lent thus far.

What did you decide you wanted to do this Lent? Read each day’s meditation in the devotional booklet or The Word among Us? Look each day ... Read More »

The Spirit Blows Where He Wills

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

This week we discussed the  first chapter of Fr. Pacwa’s new Bible study book on salvation. What happened both in the morning class and in the evening class was something I always enjoy: our discussions took unexpected turns. I had an outline of what I wanted to do with ... Read More »


Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

Friend: Has our world today become more violent than ever before? I look at the recent shootings. Innocent people gunned down because someone wants attention or because someone has had a psychotic break.

Me: We have had a tough year, haven’t we? Vegas, Florida, just to name two.

Friend: ... Read More »

R.I.P. My Mother

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 4/17/18

It will not come as a great surprise to many that I have been a teacher for many of my 34 years as a priest, educating both young people and adults, even as an faculty adjunct for Wheeling Jesuit University.

I know that the Christian life is not something ... Read More »