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My Nightmare

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

Most of you know about some of the medical issues I have had to deal with over the past several years. It has been a very difficult time for me, truly a nightmare, and has left me disabled in some ways.

You see me sit for all or part ... Read More »

Nuns and Birth Control

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

This past week’s Supreme Court decision concerning religious liberty and the recent rescinding of the mandate that forced a handful of 80 year old Sisters of the Poor to pay for birth-control reminded me of a correspondence I had with a parishioner almost a decade ago.

The issue he ... Read More »

Sad for a Brother Priest

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

You may have read about a priest from our diocese who has been suspended (may not dress or act as a priest). My own reaction to the news was a mix of  sadness and anger.

My sadness comes from the thought that a brother priest, now retired, could  (is ... Read More »

Normandy Moved Me Deeply

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

Decoration Day, later known as Memorial Day, began  three years after the end of the Civil War. On this day we honor the memories, and pray for the souls of, the men and women who served in all our country’s wars and died. “...They gave the last full measure ... Read More »

The Holy Spirit and Graduation

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

The Holy Spirit is the life of the Church and the spiritual life of the individual Christian. In a way, it is like the fuel for the Church.

You and I receive the Holy Spirit when we are baptized, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, ... Read More »

My Retreat and Blessed Solanus Casey

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

You may wonder just what a retreat for priests is like. So, I will give you an idea of what we usually do. (Please remember that I am writing this before I even leave for the retreat.)

We travel to Clinton, Ohio, which is just north of North Canton, ... Read More »

Necessity of Sacraments and Scripture

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

Do I have the kind of relationship with Jesus Christ that I should have? When I die and go before the judgement seat of God, will it look like the reunion of best friends, or will the angels have to introduce me to Jesus because I never spent much ... Read More »

Age for Confirmation

Posted by Fr Timothy McGuire on 6/15/18

During the first week of June last year I received a letter from the bishop’s office that surprised me. I admit that surprise at a decision he makes is not uncommon. I don’t mean that I disagree with him. I am taken aback sometimes because I didn’t expect that ... Read More »