Necessity of Sacraments and Scripture

Jun 15, 2018

Do I have the kind of relationship with Jesus Christ that I should have? When I die and go before the judgement seat of God, will it look like the reunion of best friends, or will the angels have to introduce me to Jesus because I never spent much time getting to know him while I was living on Earth?

The only way I can ever have such a wonderful relationship is through prayer, and not just any prayer. The two most important elements in such prayer must be the sacraments and the scriptures.

Sacraments are essential. They are “outward signs, instituted by Christ to give grace,” the kind of grace nowhere else available.

In heaven we will be able to experience God directly, but until then, the only way we can get to know God well is through the scriptures. St. Jerome, probably the greatest scripture scholar ever said “Ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

There is only one way to have sacraments and scriptures together, and that is Mass.

If I want to get to know and love Jesus Christ  better, I go to Mass (except for work, is there anything more important?). If I go to Mass each day for three years, I will hear the entire bible. Short of daily Mass , I can read the readings from each Mass. They are listed in each week’s bulletin, or are available at > Bible: Mass… >Today’s Readings > Today’s Readings.

Lastly, I pray each day for our separated brothers and sisters who use and love the scriptures, but have rejected the sacraments.



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