Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sep 16, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe is very important to the Church, especially in the Americas. She is the greatest evangelist to ever visit us here.

How many of us have relatives, close relatives, who have left the Church. They may have simply stopped going to church at some point in their lives, or they may have joined another Christian community. There are also those whose practice of the faith is not consistent. You know, the "C and E Catholics" (Christmas and Easter). It causes us great distress when someone we love endangers his or her eternal salvation in such a way. 

I believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe is our great hope. When the Spanish conquered the Aztec Empire around 1520, they destroyed pagan temples. In 1531 Our Blessed Mother appeared to St. Juan Diego. It was the over-clothing he wore that is called "tilma". The Blessed Mother asked St. Juan to pick the roses near him - it was December when no roses bloom - and take them to the bishop. St. Juan was granted an audience, and when he opened his tilma to reveal the bouquet of roses, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was imprinted on it. That image was then and is now truly miraculous.

Within a decade the Aztec Empire was Catholic, and within a remarkably short time all of Central and South America followed. This included what is today Texas, California and the Southwest of United States. Our Blessed Mother's appearance was responsible for that remarkable conversion of these souls. If she could, by her intercession, bring about the conversion of two continents in the 16th Century, she can do it again in the 21st.

Let us join together and ask Our Blessed Mother to help us re-evangelize our families and our country.


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