Apr 17, 2018

Friend: Has our world today become more violent than ever before? I look at the recent shootings. Innocent people gunned down because someone wants attention or because someone has had a psychotic break.

Me: We have had a tough year, haven’t we? Vegas, Florida, just to name two.

Friend: Actually, just seven weeks into 2018 there have been eight. That’s more than one a week. (Source: “The Guardian”) What has changed?

Me: Terrorism, copycatting. I really don’t think our day is the only violent age in history? Think of ancient Rome. Thousands of people’s entertainment for the week was watching some poor slaves be eaten by lions, or Gladiators fighting until one is vanquished. Then, everyone in the stadium gets to participate in his murder with their thumbs up or thumbs down. Once the Emperor casts his vote, it is final. “The vanquished Gladiator must die.” “Oh, what an exciting way to spend a day. Too bad its over.”

Me: Think of the persecutions of Christians. Did you know that in recent years 100,000 Christians per year are slaughtered for their faith. (source: The Vatican)

Friend: That scares me.

Me: It scares me, too. Maybe we ought to take this Lent-thing more seriously. We could use a great deal of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Let’s get with it.



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