The Prodigal Song

Apr 17, 2018

When I was first ordained I was assigned to  teach at Catholic Central High School (at which I would later become principal) and  to live at Holy Rosary Church (of which I would later become pastor).

The kids introduced me to a song that had been written, performed and published by a  recent alum. It was called “When God Ran.” I thought it was beautiful.

The song was based on “ The Prodigal Son.” It spoke of God the Father, an old man unable to move very well by now, sitting in front of the house watching for his youngest son to come home. He did this day in and day out. Most thought he was foolish for doing this.

One day, he sees his Son in the distance. He runs down the road, takes Him in His arms and sweeps Him off His feet. He was thrilled to see the Son he loved returned home (obviously forgiven). This was the only time ever that God ran.


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