The Spirit Blows Where He Wills

Apr 17, 2018

This week we discussed the  first chapter of Fr. Pacwa’s new Bible study book on salvation. What happened both in the morning class and in the evening class was something I always enjoy: our discussions took unexpected turns. I had an outline of what I wanted to do with the class based on what we had read, however it didn’t take very long for me to abandon my plans.

I am not complaining. In fact, just the opposite, I hoped that would happen. The class is always better if it takes the direction the participants want rather than what I want. Besides, when everything goes exactly the way I plan, I begin to wonder what is wrong because no one is saying anything.

I believe that when we are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit, he takes us where we never expected. I am not speaking only of Bible studies. I mean in every area of our lives. If we allow the Holy Spirit, He will lead us to where he wants which is a far better adventure than we could ever devise.



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